Based on my experience of more than 25 years (of which 10 years in Russia) in larger multinational companies in finance and in talent and leadership development, I use 3 mechanisms for enhancing labor productivity by improving leadership skills and developing talent in multinational companies.

Talent development

I work with young professionals when they just begin their professional life. I help young professionals to master professional competencies such as working in teams, sharing knowledge, decision making, prioritizing etc. I guide them through their professional career, especially when they become a first time manager, and later when they are more experienced leaders. Helping motivated young professionals to improve competencies directly enhances productivity.

Leadership development

I provide one-to-one executive development and facilitate leadership learning to create high performing teams and managers. Often, managers know what they should change in their own management behavior in order to improve labor productivity in Russian companies, but they are not implementing this. I help them to overcome these barriers and to build teams which are delivering results based on professionalism, accountability, trust, mutual respect and collaboration. This is not so much based on knowledge transfer, but more on behavioral modelling: how managers can change their behavior. My special focus is on the relationship between leadership behavior and how they stimulate learning in teams, especially by using feedback mechanisms.

Organisational development

I help HR and senior management teams to implement ‘behavior change’ in companywide roll-out of initiatives, for example as part of a merger or acquisition, as part of a restructuring, or as an ongoing process of improving productivity. As a result, engagement and retention rates are improving and this has a direct positive impact on the bottom line of my clients.