My mission is to ensure that Russian companies will become internationally successful. By using the favorable conditions of doing business in the Netherlands, it will serve as a stepping stone for the realization of your internationalization strategy.

Why is this important for your company?

Your company has a strong technical, innovative focus or a unique product. As the Russian market and economy will become more challenging, an international expansion might be a good part of your strategy. Or your company was ‘Born Global’, and now it’s the time to actually realize that potential.

Going global means tapping into a much larger market, realizing your growth potential and increasing profits. But it also means investments, dealing with different cultures and styles of doing business, and building new networks and distribution channels. And major challenges to your existing organization and leadership.

I will supports your company in this expansion, setting up your basis for international expansion in The Netherlands and mitigate the business risks which are associated with doing business in other countries.

How do I help Russian companies?

I will combine the best of both worlds by supporting you in building an international company, based on your strengths, values and mission. Without ignoring your Russian DNA, I ensure that you will become highly successful on international markets. With my knowledge of international markets, and setting up your business in the most open economy of the world, The Netherlands, your expansion will generate growth and profits.


Gerard Uijtendaal
Skype: guijtendaal